Top Real Estate Agents: 4 Common Traits

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or days, you’ve likely given some thought to the different ways in which you conduct your business.  As a real estate professional, your clients look to your guidance and expertise in relation to buying and selling homes, and they expect outstanding results.

According to Real Estate Insider Magazine, there are several common characteristics among top performing real estate agents. In an effort to ensure that your clients are always satisfied with your services, it may be beneficial to follow in their footsteps.


1. Knowledgeable about the local area
One of the most shared characteristics of top agents is having comprehensive knowledge of their local area.  In addition to providing clients with information about local attractions, schools, retail centers and parks, your clients may also want to see what it would be like to live there. Share your insights about the best local restaurants, future plans for building in the area both residential and commercial, as well as road, transportation options and other future area improvements.

2. Maintain honest, credible profile
You take great care in serving your clients and acting in their best interests – whether it’s following through with their requests, handling negotiations or facilitating transactions. Maintaining a credible profile online and offline can help you expand your reach, and easily connect with individuals looking for assistance.

Positive reviews and online recommendations can work in your favor, effectively generating quality leads, and ensuring that these materials are visible and accurate can help boost your business.

3. Tenacious pursuit for clients’ needs
Displaying tenacity in professional situations such as negotiations can prove to your clients that you would do anything to satisfy them. Going the extra mile can really make a difference in the reputation you build for yourself.

The most successful agents approach every day, and every transaction with clear vision and laser focus on clients’ needs, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate noted. Rejection is a part of any sale, and those agents who don’t let it discourage or derail them are often the professionals with the happiest clients.

4. Adequate follow through

Your relationship with your clients doesn’t end when the sale is final.  Top Agents encourage their clients to keep in touch and ask home related questions anytime, long after the purchase is complete. Commonly, top agents make a habit of following up and staying in touch with their clients periodically to make certain they are satisfied with their services, Trulia reported. Doing so not only reduces your risk of liability, but can also provide a dependable source for quality leads in the future. If a client is happy with your abilities and expertise, they will be more likely to refer you to a friend who is considering entering the market.


How do you ensure your clients are always satisfied?



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