Social Media Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Social media is here to stay. Real estate agents have increasingly been adopting the use of social media marketing to grow their network, heighten their business and improve their bottom line. More homebuyers and sellers are turning to their smartphones and tablets to find real estate agents in their area. Are you taking advantage?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are gaining droves of new users every day. For real estate agents looking for an edge, joining a social community could lead to a wealth of quality leads. However, this is not done without a fair amount of consistent effort. If you’re looking to enhance your business in 2014, following the following social media strategies could potentially help you surpass your competition.



Branch out to new platforms
According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, around 73 percent of all online adults use a social networking website of some kind. Of those who leverage social media, about 42 percent use multiple platforms. While Facebook is the most- utilized, this points toward the growing need for real estate agents to leverage a variety of social media channels to grow their online brand.

However, social media takes time to maintain and you should only create profiles that you can sustain. A social profile that isn’t updated on a consistent basis is often worse than not having a presence at all. For example, make it a habit to update Facebook and LinkedIn every morning for a few months. Once you’ve done this successfully then consider what other social channels you might be able to leverage.


Enhance marketing efforts on social media
​As the creators of social networking platforms continue to update their offerings, so are many real estate agents. The myriad of features available through social channels allows you to share new listing images, video tours and giveaways with your community. Taking advantage of social media not only helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors but it also helps keep your brand top of mind with current and potential clients.

Take it a step further by using the features within each channel:

  • Incorporate relevant hashtags in your tweets to help potential buyers or sellers find you. In a recent report, TrackMaven noted that hashtags can have a substantial impact on the success of content.
  • Tag credible sources in your updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to extend your reach and engagement.
  • Share, like and engage in content from credible sources in your industry to position yourself as a thought leader.


Consider some advertising space

While social media allows you to speak to your customers, sometimes your message gets lost in all the noise. Paying to promote your updates will ensure a number of targeted users see your updates. According to The New York Times, letting the world know what your business exists on social media websites such as Facebook can generate a positive return on investment. Traditional advertising can appear intrusive and even annoying. If used consistently over time, social media may lead to a significant uptick in new real estate business.



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