Social Media For Real Estate: How to Promote Posts on Facebook

Social media marketing is a must for the modern real estate agent.

Social Media for Real Estate

The Internet has no shortage of websites claiming that “audience building” and other methods can allow you to reach potential clients for free, but the easiest and most effective method is to use promoted posts. With even a very modest advertising budget, knowing how to promote posts on Facebook can help you reach hundreds – or thousands – of people that fit within your chosen demographic – much more than you could reach by an organic Facebook post alone.

In this post, we’ll teach you the basics of using social media for real estate via Facebook promoted posts to reach a targeted audience. Don’t forget to check back next month for our next “Social Media for Real Estate” post in which we’ll go into promoting events, special offers and other ways to increase your click-through rate.

1. Share a link in Facebook
Start by sharing a link to your website and a short bit of text that tells potential customers why they should click. If you are a buyer’s agent in the Boston area, for example, you might say, “Hundreds of listings in the Boston area – let me find you your new home!”

Copy the URL into the area for the text, and then delete it once Facebook recognizes the link. Ideally, you should link to a landing page that is optimized for the specific customer that you are targeting. It is also a good idea to use a link tracker like to see additional information about how often your link is clicked.

2. Target your audience
You should see a button at the bottom of the post that reads “Boost Post.” Click it and a form will come up prompting you to enter information.

Begin by selecting your ideal audience. The strength of Facebook as an advertising medium is that its users put all of their demographic information on their pages. If you work primarily with move-up buyers in the Boston area, you might choose to target people living in Boston, Cambridge, Allston, etc., who are between the ages of 35 and 70. Any further narrowing down will only make your ad that much more targeted. Do be aware of the potential audience at the bottom of the screen. As you focus your ad, the size of the potential audience will shrink.

3. Set a budget
Real estate marketing never comes without a price, but promoting pages on Facebook is relatively cheap. For $10 to $15, you can reach thousands of potential clients.
When you look at different numbers for your budget, you will see a figure for estimated reach. This is how many people, roughly, will receive your post in their Facebook feed. Of those people, only a few will click, so it’s important to choose your posts wisely.

4. Optimize
Facebook will give you a lot of information about the success of your post. Check back on it in a day and look at your analytics. By dividing the number of clicks by the total reach, you will find your click-through rate (i.e. 5 clicks out of 100 total reach yields 5/100 = 0.05, or 5 percent). A click through rate of 3 percent or higher means your ad did fairly well.

As you continue to promote posts, look at what works and what doesn’t. Use this information to improve your posts and get more clients. Don’t forget to come back next month for our next installment of social media for real estate.

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